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Rebekka teaches contemporary dance, and improvisation for amateurs and professionals. She gives workshops at dance institutes in Germany and abroad.

Rebekka's classes are energetic, powerful and influenced by different dance styles. During the warm-up a sensitivity to the space and the group is created. Working on the floor, playing with dynamics as well as momentum and different partners are important facets of the class and movement vocabulary. From the floor, fluent movements evolve into more complex combinations through space and air, sometimes acrobatic, sometimes explosive, sometimes subtle. Thereby experimentation with different movement qualities and music is the focus. The goal of the class is to discover new ways to move and to use the body consciously and with pleasure.

© Oscar Hemberth Moreno


Since 2016 Rebekka is a circus trainer at the circus CABUWAZI. She teaches different disciplines such as dance, (partner) acrobatics, sphere(dance) as well as clowning and develops circus pieces together with young people on different topics, such as "Pufferfish in plastic", "Interpersonal" and "Clowbatiki for all circumstances".

In the project CABUWAZI Beyond Borders she works with refugee children and young people and was responsible for the development of pedagogical content as well as materials of "Circus & language" in cooperation with the DKJS (German Children and Youth Foundation). During project weeks, language skills and personality development are promoted by offering specific circus training, excursions and a collaborativly created performance.

© Matthias Steinbach & Majdi Laktinah


As a Bungee Workout® / Bungee Dance - Trainer, Rebekka teaches people of all ages with and without previous experience. She gives coaching sessions for interested artists that want to use the bungee aesthetically.


In this circus-inspired movement style, participants are connected to a bungee cord and perform choreographed routines on the ground and in the air that train the entire body muscles, endurance as well as flexibility and further improve coordination. Contact with the ground is soft and there is less stress on the joints than in other movement activities. In addition, working with the resistance of the elastic rope is rewarded with the moments of flying.

© Lothar Herzog & Tania Castellanos

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