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The possibilities of bungee dance in conjunction with content research on mental health



In my bungee dance research I deal with the topic of mental health. Physically I move with the bungee and investigate the possibilities and also the limits of the elastic rope. In relation to my content research on different inner states and mental health, I explore the body in space as well as while floating and falling.

Through a survey I want to gain insights into different lifestyles and find out how different age groups perceive their everyday life and themselves in it, whether they perceive it as balanced. The answers about what moves them, makes them lonely, dissatisfied or happy, what puts them under pressure, what helps them and how they cope with stress and negative thoughts, I would like to use as impulses for my movement research.

Bungee makes it possible to move dynamically across the floor while experimenting with weight, momentum, and force.
This provides a good basis to work with different moods and feelings. Which thoughts make me feel "heavy" or "light"? What do overwhelm and balance feel like physically? When do I feel constricted, when free of movement?

From my research, a concept for a dance production for a younger audience shall be created. The children's book "Clouds in the sky" about the nature of our thoughts and moods by Ivo Cussianovich with illustrations by Nashla Abdelnour will serve as an inspiration and possibility of video projection.

supported by the Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of NEUSTART KULTUR.




Mental health survey

Impressions from the research with the bungee

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